Thursday, March 4, 2010

Summer Ready Salad

Chicken Salad
As I am getting ready for summer clothing season and trying to eat FIVE vegetables a day, I have come up with some salad recipes that help with these two goals. This is one of my current salads I am eating a lot. It provides, veggies, protein, a little bit of fat (the good kind) and a treat all in one Salad. What more can a girl ask for from a Salad. So here it is....

red peppers
cooked chicken
crushed corn chips
or any other type of veggie you like on your salads

Yep super simple. Cut, chop, shred all ingredients above. Toss in a salad bowl and top with ranch dressing. Super simple, tasty and healthy! Got to love a salad.

So I usually will cook one or two breast of chicken (with just salt and pepper for taste) and shred it immediately, place in a baggie or container. Freeze if you must, but I usually just place in the frig. I also cut up my lettuce and place in a baggie with a paper towel (to help with extra moisture, plus it makes it quick and easy to prepare). Then when I am ready to assemble, I chop and cut the remaining ingredients, place on top of lettuce and chicken and ta da, a great, healthy salad. Plus it allows me to eat 5 servings of veggies in a meal. I must admit you can leave out the chips, but I like a little crunch in my salad, so I add them. This salad is also good with roasted fresh corn. So if you make corn on the cob or roasted corn on the grill, save an extra ear, cut corn off the ear and add to the Salad. It adds a different yet yummy flavor.

Spinach with Butter & Honey Salad
I love this Salad. It is Super tasty and healthy. It is also amazingly easy. I am always low on iron, so I love that I can get plenty of iron from this meal as well. I have used it as the main meal or a great side dish.

1 bag of baby spinach
1/2 stick of butter
1 Tbsp. shallot- finely chopped
2 Tbsp. honey

Wash and clean spinach. Place in bowl.
Cook butter in pan on stove top. Add in shallots once butter is melted and starting to boil. You want to brown the butter and saute the shallot. Once butter is brown at edges, remove from stove top and add in honey. Once honey, butter and shallots are melted together, pour over spinach and serve.

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