Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cleaning out the frig meal

So I am starting to pack up and get ready to move..... So I need to get rid of some stuff in the frig.... What do I make.....
This is my Aunt MaryBeth's recipe.

Soy Sauce

Cook rice
Chop any veggies in the frig
chop meats, cook bacon, then crumble
shred any cheese you may have
cut up pineapple (this is a must for me-- sometime fresh, sometimes from a can)

Toss all together in a big bowl (individualized of course) and top with soy sauce. Eat.
Yep it is really good. Of course you can choose your veggies and stuff, but it is one of my family favorites. It has always been part of must go night. So I hope when you ever have a must go night, you will remember Haystacks. Enjoy!

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